HSBC, Clumber Street, Nottingham
HSBC Clumber Street, Nottingham
Project Duration:
17 Weeks

When we were awarded a £1.8million contract to refurbish and fit-out HSBC’s flagship branch in central Nottingham, a tight work programme was not the only challenge we faced. Amongst others were heritage controls protecting the building, as we were to integrate a new build section with two adjoining existing buildings, all of which are Grade I listed with exacting protection requirements.

The heritage planning officer was very pro-active explains Paul Hazlehurst of Murray & Willis. “We were prevented from over plastering certain brick walls, just cleaning them so as to leave them mostly exposed. We couldn’t touch floor boarding or some of the ceilings, nor one of the rear staircases, which was protected and had to be incorporated into the new design. We also encountered horse hair plaster panelling, which dated back to the period 1750 – 1800 when the listed part was built. That caused us health and safety issues, which involved taking special protective measures when we did any drilling. Cast iron columns had to stay in situ and even the basement, which was developed, had to stay as it was, with a special tanking system to prevent water getting in,” he concludes.

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